How ABColombia works

ABColombia members and observers work with around 100 partner organisations in Colombia, most of them are grassroots organisations (Peasant Farmers, Indigenous Peoples and Afro-descendant communities), many of these have little access to decision-making forums nationally and/or internationally.

ABColombia develops the collective advocacy work of its members Christian Aid, CAFOD, SCIAF, Oxfam and Trocaire. This work is rooted in the experiences of the organisations and communities with which members work. In addition to carrying out its core advocacy work, ABColombia also provides information and analysis to members of the UK parliament, the Irish Dáil, the European Union and the UN, as well as the media, interested individuals and organisations.

British Embassy visits Zenu Peoples with ABColombia

ABColombia works in conjunction with other organisations and networks based in Colombia, the UK, Ireland, Europe and  the USA, which share its interests in influencing decision-making and policy on Colombia in accordance with the above principles and objectives.

The Board of Non-Executive Directors ensures that ABColombia has a clear vision, mission and strategic direction and is focused on achieving these. The Board is responsible for the advocacy performance of the group and its public standing and ensures that the group’s governance is of the highest possible standard.

Public statements by ABColombia represent the views of all the members. Membership of ABColombia does not preclude members from issuing statements under their own responsibility.

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