Economic Development and Human Rights

Large-scale economic development projects, in particular extractive industries and agribusiness, have caused and contributed to serious human rights violations in Colombia. Human rights violations related to business include forced displacements and contamination of air, land and water in ethnic territories. Indigenous, Afro-Colombian and campesino communities in rural areas are disproportionately affected by these violations.

Women and Peace in Colombia

The Colombian Peace Accord demonstrates what can be achieved by women in peace agreements. Click on the button below to find a series of videos related to women’s role in the Colombian peace process.

Strengthening Communities in Chocó

ABColombia formed part of an EU project developed by SCIAF and its partners. The project was aimed at strengthening Afro-Colombian, Indigenous and Mestizo associations in Chocó to reduce poverty, improve the quality of life and increase access to fundamental rights for more than 22,000 people through organisational, cultural and agricultural work.

Civil Society Voices and the Peace Process with the ELN

In compelling video messages, social leaders from Chocó speak about the importance of the ceasefire with the ELN for bringing peace to the region. Click on the button below to watch the video messages from ABColombia partners.

Human Rights Defenders and Social Leaders

“Chocó, land of social leaders”: This video explores the stories of three social leaders in Itsmina and Quibdó in Chocó, Colombia: Yaila Mena, Jacob Mosquera and Jose Gregorio Cordoba. Even though they were affected by the armed conflict, forced displacement and threats, they have never stopped working for peace. Chocó is one of the territories in Colombia that has been most affected by violence and war. For a long time, illegal armed groups have taken advantage of the natural resources in the region and have committed human rights violations against the communities.

Women and conflict-related sexual violence

During the peace negotiations, women’s organisations in Colombia advocated for a special treatment of conflict-related sexual violence against women. As a consequence of the work of Colombian women’s organisations, the agreement on victims now recognises sexual violence as one of the most serious crimes committed in the context of the armed conflict.

Click on the button below to watch video statements by ABColombia partners.

Parliamentary Delegation to Colombia

In August 2017, ABColombia took a delegation of parliamentarians to Colombia which consisted of Fiona O’Loughlin, Catherine Noone and Baroness Jean Coussins. This visit was supported with funds from ABColombia members Christian Aid and SCIAF. In the video clips below, the parliamentarians talk about the visit they made to the remote Afro-descendant communities living on collectively owned territory in Rio Quito, Choco and the Wounaan Indigenous People in Bajo Calima and Bajo San Juan rivers close to Buenaventura. They also visited the Humanitarian Spaces in the urban area of Buenaventura.