ABColombia encourages individuals and organisations if they know of a breach of these commitments to contact

We welcome the information as a way to try and put things right and improve our quality and effectiveness. You can also refer to our Complaints Policy

ABColombia representatives must:

  • Ensure their personal and professional conduct is, and is seen to be, of the highest standards and in keeping with ABColombia’s Vision, Objectives and Values and does not bring ABColombia into disrepute.
  • Act in good faith and treat other people with dignity and respect, without discrimination, harassment, abuse or neglect.
  • Take reasonable action to protect others from harm and to challenge infringements.
  • Act in accordance with health, safety and security guidelines and endeavour to safeguard others.
  • Ensure contact with children, young people and vulnerable adults (whether by phone, online or direct contact) is supervised, accompanied, or at least in sight of other adults.

For the full version of ABColombia’s code of conduct please click on the button above.