Run for women in Colombia

ABColombia needs YOU!

There is a big ABColombia event coming up in November this year, which we are organising with Colombian women human rights defenders and international policy makers to discuss the achievements of women and the challenges they now face in the Colombian peace process.

Women and girls suffered disproportionately in Colombia’s armed conflict. The Peace Accord provides a unique opportunity for Colombia to change pervasive patriarchal values and build a sustainable peace for women. However, there is still a lot to be done to ensure the gender commitments are actually implemented. Fierce political opposition has already provided some challenges to the hard-won gender agreements.

ABColombia wants to provide an international platform for Colombian women human rights defenders to support them in their efforts to achieve the implementation of the gender agreements in the Peace Accord. You can help us with that! Here is how:

  • Make a donation (get in touch here)
  • Tell your friends and family about ABColombia.
  • Organise a bake-sale or fundraising event for ABColombia.

And here is a special call to all the ladies: We’d like to invite you to join the Running4Women 10k run in Windsor on Saturday, 23 September, to raise funds for women in Colombia. The good news: ABColombia will reimburse your joining fee if you manage to raise at least £60 for us. Are you up for the challenge?

How does it work?
If you would like to run for ABColombia, register here and send us a screenshot of your registration confirmation to by 31st July. We will then send you an ABColombia sponsorship form and you can start collecting pledges – start by asking friends and family, and if you want, you can even try to approach larger sponsors. The more you raise, the better! If you raise more than £100, your name will be included on our list of supporters on the ABColombia website. To add a little competitive note to it, the person who raises the largest amount for ABColombia will receive a small gift and will be named as official sponsor on the programme of the women’s conference!

I can’t join the Women’s Run – how can I help?
Running4Women is a sports event for women to raise funds for women. However, everybody can help. So, if you can’t join the Windsor Women’s Run this time, perhaps you’d like to join a different run to raise funds for ABColombia, or maybe you have an even more creative idea? We value all support you can give, and even small amounts can make a big difference.

If you would like to know more about how you can support ABColombia, or if you have any suggestions, please get in touch with Irina at We look forward to hearing from you!