The Colombian Peace Accord demonstrates what can be achieved by women in peace agreements. Scroll down to find a series of video statements and short clips illustrating the remarkable work of Colombian women’s organisations during the peace negotiations in Havana and their hopes and concerns regarding the implementation of the gendered agreements.

Colombia securing peace – women’s achievements and the challenges ahead

Linda Cabrera (Sisma Mujer)

Emilse Paz (ACIN)

Edilia Mendoza (Rural Women’s Platform)

Janneth Lozano (CODACOP)

Ligia Maria Chaverra

Press Conference with Colombian Women HRDs

On Friday, 24 November 2017, on the first anniversary of the signing of the Peace Accord between the Colombian Government and the FARC, Aculco Radio in association with ABColombia hosted a Press Conference with five Colombian Women Human Rights Defenders: Linda Cabrera (Sisma Mujer), Janneth Lozano (CODACOP), Rosa Emilia Salamanca (CIASE), Edilia Mendoza (Rural Women’s Platform) and Emilse Paz (ACIN). Watch this short video made by Meru Media, showing some highlights of the press conference.

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