Women and Empowerment

4 August 2015

The Overseas Development Institute has published a new case study on women’s empowerment and conflict in Colombia, including acknowledgement to ABColombia.

The report called “Progress despite adversity: Women’s empowerment and conflict in Colombia” explores the development of women’s empowerment in Colombia since 1990 in the context of armed conflict. It analyses how changes in women’s political voice and legal activism have helped to shape the current process of addressing the legacies of the conflict, and the ongoing peace talks.

It is well recognised that conflict-related violence, and the structural legacies of displacement, exclusion and discrimination, are highly gendered. The Colombian case is an example of progress in women’s empowerment in the face of formidable and continuing challenges.

The study highlights different areas of progress relating to women’s empowerment that have contributed to consolidating institutional opportunities that promote women’s voice and agency in different areas of domestic, social and political life.

Download full report here

More Information:

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