ABColombia welcomes bi-lateral ceasefire between the Colombian Government and the ELN

ABColombia welcomes the signing of a temporary ceasefire agreement between the Colombian government and the ELN. The ceasefire agreement entered into force on 1 October 2017, and will be valid until 12 January 2018. Its objective is to reduce the intensity of the conflict and improve the humanitarian situation for the local population. This is without a doubt a clear expression of political will to achieve peace.

However, specific commitments by the parties regarding the cessation of hostilities, protection measures for community leaders, the suspension of judicial proceedings against social protests, as well as, the initiation of a mechanism for civil society participation in Quito are all necessary to make progress on the agreed agenda and to generate trust between the parties.

Together with 18 other international Civil Society Organistations, ABColombia urges both parties to keep their word and move this process forward, in order to permanently delegitimise the use of firearms in Colombian politics.

You can read the full statement signed by ABColombia and 18 other international Civil Society Organisations in English and Spanish.