International Community: Emergency Call for a Colombia in Peace – campaign updates

ABColombia supports the international campaign “International Community: Emergency Call for a Colombia in Peace”, which was launched internationally on 6 June 2019. This campaign is supported by 29 international civil society organisations in Europe and across the Americas. On this page you can read news and updates related to this campaign.

About the Campaign

The campaign “International community – emergency call for a Colombia in peace” is a large-scale media campaign for peace in Colombia, which was initiated by the international civil society organisations that form part of the platform Space of Peace Cooperation (Espacio de Cooperación para la Paz – ECPP). The ECPP is a network of organisations based in Europe and the Americas, which are committed to peacebuilding and a negotiated end to the armed conflict in Colombia. Find out more about the campaign here.

Campaign Launch

The international campaign by the Space of Peace Cooperation, a network of 29 international civil society organisations working on Colombia, was launched on 6 June 2019. The campaign was officially kicked off in Bogota, with the participation of Christian Aid, Colombia2020 and Human Rights Defenders and civil society organisations based in Colombia.

The video of the panel discussions during the launch is available here.

Monthly Bulletin

The Campaign publishes monthly updates on the different aspects of the Colombian Peace Accord. You can download them here (in Spanish).