Business and Forced Displacement

Who are the victims of economic development? ABColombia talks to Martha Cecilia García, from the Center for Research and Popular Education (CINEP), about how agribusiness and extractives have caused forced displacements in Colombia.

Mining and Health in Cordoba, Colombia

The ferronickel mine Cerro Matoso in Cordoba, North-West Colombia, has polluted the land, air, and water of Zenú indigenous and Afro-Colombian communities, leading to serious health issues among adults and children in the communities. In April 2018, the Colombian Constitutional Court published a decision stating that during the last 30 years the Cerro Matoso nickel mine’s waste emissions were causing serious and long-term heart and lung problems for local Zenú and Emberá indigenous communities. The company disputes the link between its mining activities and the communities’ health problems and appealed against the Constitutional Court Decision.