Protecting the land, the environment, and their local communities, Human Right Defenders are vital actors in strengthening the rule of law in Colombia. Acting as representatives of the communities that are most vulnerable to Human Rights violations, they play a vital role in the process of implementing peace in Colombia.

Human Rights Defenders as Peacebuilders in Colombia

Chocó, Land of Social Leaders

“Chocó, land of social leaders”: This video explores the stories of three social leaders in Itsmina and Quibdó in Chocó, Colombia: Yaila Mena, Jacob Mosquera and Jose Gregorio Cordoba. Even though they were affected by the armed conflict, forced displacement and threats, they have never stopped working for peace. Chocó is one of the territories in Colombia that has been most affected by violence and war. For a long time, illegal armed groups have taken advantage of the natural resources in the region and have committed human rights violations against the communities.

#EDM2232: Students and supporters send video message to MPs

“Dear MP, remember 2016?”: This video was made in June 2019 ahead of President Duque’s visit to the UK, in order to encourage UK Parliamentarians to sign EDM 2232. Follow the hashtag #DefendTheDefenders on social media to find out more.