The National Action Plan of Resolution 1325 will start from the recognition of the knowledge of women in peacebuilding

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After 22 years of the implementation of the UN Security Council’s resolution 1325, Colombia’s government announced the formulation, implementation, and follow-up of the National Action Plan 1325 (NAP1325), as a result of the historic and tireless work of women and feminist’s organisations in the country to effectively incorporate the agenda of women, peace, and security.

Since April 2023, the Colombian government, and the Committee to Promote the Participation Process started implementing the agreed roadmap to structure NAP1325, with the participation of 16 women’s, feminist and civil society organisations that monitor the resolution with the support of the international community. The aim of the process has been to offer ideas and recommendations to guide the formulation of PAN1325, based on a participatory approach and the recognition of the knowledge, experiences, and work carried out by women’s organisations in the territories, portraying their diverse identities.

The process has included the participation of over 1,000 diverse women from all over the country, who took part in regional and national forums to help define the lines of action and activities to design the National Action Plan of Resolution 1325. A process that also aimed to create local structures for participation, especially in rural areas.

The participation has included the wide range of women’s identities present in Colombia: indigenous, black, Afro-descendant, palaqueras, raizales, rrom, mestizo, peasant, LBTI women, peace signatories, activists, disabled, urban and academic women who have worked to guarantee that the National Action Plan 1325 has a territorial, age, and intersectional focus; and it recognises women’s organisations contribution to peace and their role as key agents for the consolidation of “Total Peace”.

Resolution 1325 – On October 30, 2000, the United Nations Security Council adopted Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace, and Security. It recognises the impact that armed conflicts have on women and girls, the importance of their protection, and to need to increase their participation in peace processes.