Progress despite adversity: women’s empowerment and conflict in Colombia


In July 2015, Pilar Domingo, Alina Menocal and Verónica Hinestroza published a report for Development Progress (ODI) on Women’s empowerment and conflict in Colombia. ABColombia contributed to the editing and reviewing process.

The Colombian case is an example of progress in women’s empowerment in the face of formidable and continuing challenges. Progress is identified in relation to: legal gains for women’s rights and gender equality; women’s presence and representation in public and elected positions; the advancement of a gender-responsive approach to addressing the legacies of conflict; and associated mechanisms of memorialisation, reparations, restitution and transitional justice.

The case of Colombia is a valuable study in how women engage with contesting legacies of exclusion and discrimination in the prevailing political settlement, and influencing the public debate and direction of policy relating to justice, peace and accountability to take into account the gendered experience of conflict.

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