ABColombia Policy Briefing for the UN Security Council

As 2021 is a key year for Colombia with its five-year anniversary of the signing of the Peace Accord in November, ABColombia have the following recommendations for the UN Security Council:

  • to form a “Group of Experts” with technical expertise on organised crime, which includes experts on human rights, gender and ethnicity, to examine, together with the UN Mission of Verification and the Office of the High Commissioner for Human rights, the situation of neo-paramilitarism and organised crime in Colombia, and write a report for the UN Security Council and the National Commission on Security Guarantees.
  • That the Group of Experts consult with the National Commission of Security Guarantees and
    provides technical advice specifically for the National Commission of Security Guarantees on
    what has worked effectively in other countries.
  • that the UN Security Council, makes another visit to Colombia to:
    • meet with all members of the National Commission of Security Guarantees, to understand their various perceptions and analysis of the security situation.
    • organise sessions dedicated to listening to representatives of HRDs, the CSIVI, women peacebuilders, Indigenous Peoples and Afro-Colombians, to find out what they need to ensure their safety.